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  1. Download Lightshot for free. Browse images. or drag your images her
  2. Einfaches Screen-Sharing per Browser Screenleap zeigt ohne Anmeldung Desktop-Oberflächen im Browser an. Will man den eigenen Desktop mit anderen teilen, benötigt man zusätzlich Java
  3. One Click Screen Sharing. Getting everyone on the same page is easy when join.me instant screen sharing is involved. When you start your meeting, simply press the broadcast button and you're ready to go
  4. Screen-Sharing und Screen-Recording-Tools schließen. Ich wollte TVNow schaune, geht nicht mit folgender Fehlermeldung: Aus rechtliche..
  5. Möchten Sie Screen Sharing zwischen Ihrem Laptop und Smart TV aktivieren, stehen Ihnen dazu zwei Möglichkeiten offen. Entweder Sie verbinden die beiden Geräte mittels eines HDMI- oder eines VGA-Kabels. Wir zeigen Ihnen, was davon sinnvoll ist und wie dies funktioniert

ezTalks Meetings is a simple and free screen sharing tool. If you want to get in touch with your partners or share your screen with them, the best solution is ezTalk Meetings. With this free software, you can easily open or attend any meeting, no matter where you are at the moment AnyDesk is a free screen sharing software, which lets you share screen with another WINDOWS device. This is one of the lightest Screen Sharing software and it works nicely. AnyDesk is a basic Remote Access Software, which provides options like screen sharing, audio output sharing, access to mouse and keyboard, access to clipboard ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key. It also allows uploading images, text or other types of files to many supported destinations you can choose from ISL Light is a web-based remote desktop solution which allows high-speed screen sharing. Connect with a remote computer or mobile device and view the remote screen or share yours with a remote user. It also allows you to start a video call or chat with the remote user. It's cross-platform and secure

ScreenLeap is a completely web-based tool that does screen sharing and remote screen access. The app isn't packed with features, but those that exist are simple and straightforward to use. Perhaps most notably, you can choose to share your entire screen or just a single window Upscope is a screen sharing tool that lives inside your website or SaaS app. It lets customers request support or sales sessions with an agent on the other side. Customers can click from inside your app to request screen sharing through one of Upscope's integrations with other SaaS like Intercom, Drift, and Zendesk screen sharing software. Quick & Easy Sharing. Click the Share your screen now! button above to start sharing your screen. Installation-Free Viewing. View from any device with a browser (including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones) without installing any software. Frictionless Collaboration. Share control of your computer with your viewers and allow them to point out things on your screen. This is my favorite tool to share desktop screen. JoinM is platform independent, very light weight screen sharing software and pretty easy to use. As per JoinMe website, join.me combines instant screen sharing and powerful meeting tools in an app that anyone can use to present, train, demo or concept

ShareX 13.2.1 Deutsch: Mit der kostenlosen Screenshot- und Screenrecorder-Software ShareX teilen Sie komfortabel Bildschirmfotos, Videos, Texte und andere Dateien MingleView is a freeware screen sharing tool that is extremely simple and comes with no upgrades and has no limitations on service. It doesn't require any registration, all you have to do starts download their simple app on your PC and a meeting session

22 free screen-sharing apps for work-at-home collaboration

Screen share, also known as desktop sharing, is the practice of sharing the contents of your screen with another device or multiple devices. This can include all the elements on a screen or simply one window, which allows for complete control over the visibility of your desktop and guarantees privacy Hence, today's article is about how to choose the best screen-sharing software, because after all's said and done, if you want to optimize your workflow with your partners and/or facilitate collaboration with your team, screen-sharing software is the best thing ever invented since Al Gore created the internet. All jokes aside, whether you work for customer support or you're in a business. Screen-Sharing, Bildschirmübertragung oder Desktop-Sharing bezeichnet die Übertragung des Bildschirminhalts eines Computers an einen oder mehrere andere Computer. Für Benutzer an entfernten Computern entsteht dadurch der Eindruck, sich direkt vor dem entfernten Computer zu befinden

Another useful tool for remote screen sharing that's not only free, but also comes pre-installed with Windows, is the Windows Quick Assist tool. If you're helping another person who uses the latest version of Windows, you just need to make sure that you're both running the Quick Assist tool. To open the tool, select the Start menu, type Quick Assist, and select the Quick Assist tool to. When trying to decide which remote desktop- and screen-sharing software is right for you, one of the factors to consider, outside of functionality, is your budget. FreeConferenceCall.com is the only service to offer completely free remote desktop- and screen-sharing functionality to users with up to 1,000 participants, with no monthly subscription fee required at any time. Learn more and. Best Screen Sharing software & tools. Now, the problem arises when some computer users just can't seem to decide which one of the many screen sharing software & tools to use Screenshot-Tools. Screenshot unter Windows 7 machen, Screenshot unter Windows 8 erstellen, Screenshot unter Mac OS aufnehmen. In diesem Channel finden Sie die besten Screenshot Programme, die.

Mit Screen Sharing Software können mehrere Teilnehmer auf den gleichen Desktop blicken und sich sogar die Fernsteuerung teilen. Teilnehmer an einer Screen Sharing Sitzung können Bildschirminhalte live über das Internet übertragen und so Programme, Dokumente und Präsentationen all denen, die an einer solchen Sitzung teilnehmen, in Echtzeit zeigen. Screen Sharing Software ist besonders. Support ˃ Software ˃ Support ˃ Contents. iQ experience downloads SMART Screen Share app for Windows computers. Download. MSI file - 32-bit (14.4 MB) MSI file - 64-bit (15.5 MB) Version. Released. March 31, 2020. The is an alternate method of sharing your device's screen and might be useful where the network your display is connected to doesn't support AirPlay, Google Cast. For Free/Basic accounts, screen sharing is set to Only Host by default. In a webinar, only the host, co-hosts, and panelists can share their screen. If you're using the desktop client, you can show Zoom windows during screen share

How To Screen Share In Windows 10 Using Its Built-In Tools

Screen sharing tools have a range of applications including online meetings, video conferencing, and online training and product demos among others. Moreover, some of these tools offer remote control features, enabling users to perform tasks on a remote computer. These tools help you to save time and prevent confusion in communication. Related: Top 10 popular apps for Windows. There are. Screen sharing tools are incredibly important for teaching, presenting, troubleshooting, and collaborating online with others. Unfortunately, trying to successfully share your screen with someone online can be a huge headache---each party can have different programs installed, be on different devices, or have different levels of technological knowledge. The programs we've included in this.

Screen Share with smart tv is a screen sharing app with which you can share your mobile phone screen with smart TV and it works only when your TV is connected with wifi network same as your mobile phone. Screen sharing is the most useful app for mirroring and broadcasting your mobile screen in real time. Screen sharing with smart tv app will assists you to mirror your mobile phone with the. Screen sharing, also known as desktop sharing, has become a powerful tool for businesses big and small.As the number of remote teams continues to grow and companies go global - the ability to share your screen, app or file in real-time from across the room or across time zones has opened up a whole new world of possibilities while changing the way everyone is doing business Free Screen Sharing, Audio and Video conferencing, Chat right from the browser without Login or Signup. Share your screen with multiple people and conduct online meetings, webinars, sales presentation and online tutoring for free

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  1. This free screen sharing software is ideally used for online meetings and collaborations. Its key selling point is that it's simple and easy to use its features. With its free basic plan, users can experience free screen sharing with VoIP calling with as many as 10 participants. A recording and playback option which can be shared with other participants is also available if you wish to.
  2. Screen sharing tools. Let's set a few quick ground rules before diving into the details. These are intended to be as unbiased as possible but especially positive (and negative) personal experience will be noted. This to show you how the apps fare in use, rather than as a list of features on a page. I will list the pricing details of each product's various plans but this will not be.
  3. Desktop & screen sharing tools enable employees to share their screens with other employees whether they're in the same office or working remotely. Depending on the features of each tool, users can do screen shares, remote control other computers and devices, whiteboard ideas, collaborate on projects, video-conference, text chat, voice calls and more. Here is our list of the 7 best desktop.
  4. Screen sharing tools can be standalone applications, or they can be features as part of a more comprehensive web conferencing software application. Two or more users connect to a live feed of what's happening on a computer screen, allowing for everyone to understand what's going on without having to physically be in the same place. This can get a little more in-depth with a remote desktop.
  5. Free screen sharing software is particularly useful in facilitating online sales demos, web conferences, and training of individuals and groups alike. It can help enhance communication and phone calls by allowing users to collaborate with one another and view the same information in real-time. Particularly important for instructional purposes, free screen sharing allows instructors to share.

Share the screen of your browser window using Screen Share when teaching, training or collaborating online via webRTC Virtual Classroom. Add this extension to your Chrome browser just once and share the contents of your screen or a particular application with your audience seamlessly Work together from anywhere, on any device, simply by sharing your screen while participating in a Teams call or meeting. Look at content collectively, even when you're apart. Clarify communication in a chat or meeting by sharing your screen so everyone can see the same content at the same time. Beim Screen Sharing zwischen Smart TV und Laptop können Sie zwischen mehreren Varianten wählen. Entweder nutzen Sie die moderne Methode und verbinden die beiden Geräte kabellos über das WLAN und Miracast oder Sie nehmen den klassischen Weg und verwenden ein HDMI-Kabel Screen sharing tools allow multiple attendees to see in real-time whatever you will be showing on your computer screen, as well as the opportunity to even take control of your mouse and keyboard to show their newly learned abilities while operating a new application residing on your machine. Obviously you can do the same with them and, with their permission, access their computer remotely and.

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Share one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers. Synergy is a software download that shares one mouse and one keyboard between multiple computers. Simply move your mouse between your computers effortlessly. You can even copy and paste between computers. Synergy works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. You only need a regular. Download Screen Sharing for free. Screen Sharing - The Share My Screen application is designed to be used by agents to show or demonstrate content that is on their screen to their customers, such as a page on the company website How to choose a screen sharing software that's right for you. There are lots of screen sharing tools, and each comes with its own set of features—and limits. For example, some software limits the number of people allowed on a screen share, while others integrate with other apps you use (like calendars and email). To pick something that best suits your needs, here are a few things to think.

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Logitech Screen Share ermöglicht das schnelle und einfache Freigeben von Inhalten für jeden Computer im Konferenzraum. Einfach ein Notebook oder ein Tablet über die HDMI-Verbindung anschließen, und schon ist alles bereit für die Freigabe: Es muss keine Software installiert, kein Kennwort eingegeben und nicht einmal eine Internetverbindung aufgebaut werden. Logitech Screen Share ist so. While screen sharing gives users the ability to show other employees their desktop screens in real-time, remote management/remote control allows another user to actively control the screen and mouse. To either share your screen or give another user remote control of your desktop, download any of the top ten free screen sharing tools below Most other screen sharing tools have between 100ms-150ms. For being built by just a two-person team, Screen has a remarkable breadth of features that are all responsive and intuitive. Sherwani. Remote desktop or screen sharing tools can help you do precisely that. These are applications which allow users to stream their screen over the internet and get remote support from any other user around the world. These tools are very useful for users who want online repair support for their PC or who are working on a project in a team. There are lots of such tools out there, but we have.

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Top 5 Free Screen Sharing Tools - Duration: 13:37. Ilan Patao 100,010 views. 13:37. How To Clear The Event Viewer In Windows 7/8/10 - Duration: 2:39. MDTechVideos Recommended for you. 2:39 . Crew. Screen sharing software is technology designed to allow people in remote locations to view the same screen together simultaneously. Typically, this is achieved via a graphical terminal emulator, which enables the second user to see everything the first user is viewing and doing as if they were doing it themselves. Screen sharing software has a range of applications capable of improving. In Windows 10 hat mit Game DVR, enthalten in der Xbox-App, ein Tool für die Aufzeichnung von Bildschirminhalten Einzug gehalten. Dieser Rekorder lässt sich nicht nur für Spiele einsetzen, wie sein Name suggeriert, sondern bietet sich auch als günstige Lösung für allgemeine Screencasts an Screen sharing and remote-access software allow one computer to access another and control the mouse and keyboard inputs while connected through an Internet or network connection. This may conjure up images of malicious users having easy access to your device. However, screen sharing and remote-access programs use a high level of security so that only the people who are authorized have access. Share Your Vision, Share Your Screen. Whether you are looking to collaborate or just need to make a point, screen sharing software from FreeConferenceCall.com can help. Create a free account and start seeing the benefits of conferencing with high-definition audio, video and screen sharing

Share Screen from Laptop or PC. Screen share from laptops or PC are made simple by using LG Smart Share software. Windows PC 8.1 and above comes with a built-in Screen Sharing feature. Watch the video below about smart share simple screenshot sharing tool Feedback Login OWELY IS SIMPLE SCREENSHOT EDIT AND SHARING TOOL When you need to share screenshot or part of the screen and mark some comments, or share some funny stuff, then Owely is for you. Owely is a convenient way to share your screen. HOW IT WORKS Capture screenshot from anywhere Highlight screenshot Share using Dropbox; Create bugs in JIRA; Owely; Team. Computer, on another hand, has a huge screen by which dozens of people can share things together. There're also many other scenarios in which you need to mirror Android screen on PC. Fortunately, technology can help you with that. Here are several wonderful tools you can make use of. Best Ways to Share Android Screen with PC ApowerMirror LetsVie

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Ich frage mich dagegen wie man das Screen Sharing so beendet, das eine normale Audio oder Video Verbindung wiederhergestellt wird, die man evtl. vor dem Einschalten des Screen Sharing mit diesem Nutzer hatte. kWill Mitglied. Thread Starter Mitglied seit 13.04.2005 Beiträge 113. 29.10.2007 #6 moranibus schrieb: Das ist richtig, was du da sagst! Apfel+Q geht wohl aus diesem Grund nicht, damit. With many teams transitioning to remote work, collaborating on projects can present many new challenges. Luckily, there's many digital tools out there to make virtual collaboration easier. Amongst chat and call capabilities, one of the main features we're looking for may be screen sharing capabilities An industry leader in screen sharing software, GoToMeeting is trusted by millions of people everyday for professional real-time virtual communication. GoToMeeting provides a fast, easy and reliable professional online meeting solution that enables customers to meet face to face, share presentations and chat with colleagues, all with the click of a button. GoToMeeting pairs productivity with. Those looking for intuitive cross-platform screen sharing software might stumble upon Screenleap, which definitely has a supportive fanbase for its one-click to share your screen remotely feature. However, Mac users should take note: Screenleap's primary development environment is Java, which is disabled on Macs by default. The company does have a separate Mac-based app, but instead of. Skype screen sharing is supported in android, iPhone, iPad, and chrome. From videos to PowerPoint presentations, on-screen polls, photos, and more - there's so much to do with Skype's screen sharing feature. Skype has an integrated screen sharing tool that also allows drag and drop of files sized up to 300 MB. Furthermore, the recording.

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In order to get that kind of work done people turn to a variety of screen sharing and remote control software. The available products differ greatly in what they do and what they're good at. Here. But screen sharing's main drawback is that your screen can be controlled by someone else, hence compromising security and putting your data at risk. Different people accessing the application on different browsers has the potential to create issues as the software ergonomics can change screen sharing free download - Miracast Screen Sharing App, Screen Mirror - Screen Sharing, Squad: Social screen sharing, and many more program

What is Screen Sharing? There are many screen sharing apps available to choose from, and each serves slightly different purposes. At its core, screen sharing software lets you show your computer screen to anyone online, but many solutions take the next step by specializing in online meetings, remote support, or even just simple instruction Die Bildschirmübertragung ist eine einfache Funktion für produktiveres Arbeiten in Skype. So lassen sich Notizen, Präsentationen oder Familienfotos unabhängig vom Gerät mit anderen teilen The screen-sharing app or software you choose ultimately depends on your team's collaboration needs. A no-frills screen-sharing app will enable teamwork and may suit your team fine. But it may not afford you the remote desktop control capabilities needed for cross-team collaboration or remote training and support. Weigh these factors against the needs and roles of your team. Best Screen. How do I start screen sharing during my Skype call? Verify you're on the latest version of Skype, then start screen sharing during your call: on desktop and web - Select the screen sharing button. (screen sharing with Skype for Web is available in the new Microsoft Edge and Chrome) If you're using Skype for Mac on macOS 10.15 (Catalina), Skype requires access to Screen recording in the Mac.

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Screen Sharing Software Market report is firmly based on primary research, interviews with top executives, news sources and information insiders also Secondary research techniques are implemented. Screen sharing tools help present important information to both colleagues and customers. The Blueprint covers the best screen sharing software for small businesses Here's a list of a couple of my favorite screen sharing software over the last few years: ScreenLeap. ScreenLeap is a newer service for sharing your screen for free. Their whole selling point is one-click sharing, which works well if you have Java enabled. It takes about 20 seconds to load and then you're good to go. You get a code, give that code to someone else who can view your screen. Screenshot-Tools bei COMPUTER BILD online herunterladen Unter den hier vorgestellten Programmen for free finden Sie Snipping-Tools für die aktuellen Windows-Versionen, wie Windows 7, 8 oder. Screen Sharing is Powerful. Whether your business is hoping to land more sales or simply provide the best customer support on the market, screen sharing is just one of those tools you shouldn't be skipping out on. It is a powerful instrument that will allow you to bring your clients and coworkers to the same page with you, no matter their.

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Mirroring360 Pro enables you to mirror or cast your device screens to their computer and share your computer screen with others. Use it for mobile app demos, at work for business presentations, or in the classroom. Share your screen so up to 40 remote or in-room participants can see your screen on their devices with a simple web link Discover the top 5 free screen sharing tools, remote tech support, remote sessions, meetings, webinars and other techniques explained in this brief video of. Here are some free tools to help you share your screen with others: 1- Screen Leap This is a free screen sharing service that allows users to share their screens with each other . To start using it just head over to its main page, click on ' share your screen' and enable the Java applet then send the sharing code to the individual you want to view your screen. 2- Quick Screen Share This is. Share screen captures instantly. Take screenshots, GIFS, and replays that are ready to share. Save what's on your screen without missing a moment. Download. Screenshots. Snap any app and you're ready to share. Zero extra steps. Gifs & videos. Capture action, how-tos, and animation. Share new clips in seconds. Replays. Catch every surprise, bug, and highlight. Get reliable instant replays in HD.

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Share individual files or documents, such as a specific Word doc or PowerPoint. Share entire application sets, such as productivity tools or web browsers. Share multimedia viewers and players so you can show video or animation in a Webex Meeting at 30 frames per second. Share your entire screen, including everything you have open and in view Mit der Funktion Screen-Capture können Sie Ihre eigenen Screencasts aufnehmen. Als eine der wenigen Gratis-Recorder können Sie Ihren Screencast noch im Microsoft Expression Encoder bearbeiten und schneiden, bevor Sie das Video ausgeben lassen. Das Exportieren in verschiedene Formate übernimmt das Tool gleich mit Screen-Sharing per Browser. Für das Teilen von Bildschirminhalten ist nicht unbedingt eine ausgewachsene Collaboration-Suite notwendig. Mit dem kostenfreien Onlinedienst von Dead Simple können Sie bequem ohne Anmeldung Ihren Desktop via Browser teilen und sich mit anderen Teilnehmern unterhalten. Dafür müssen Sie lediglich eine Erweiterung für Chrome oder Firefox installieren. Mit dem.

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Engage in video-first meetings, with screen sharing & integrated voice. Share your screen to collaborate more effectively with customers, partners, & employees Chrome Extension for sharing screen in video chat. Screen Sharing offered by Jungleworks (8) 10,000+ users. Overview. Chrome Extension for sharing screen in video chat . Share the screen from your computer in a video conversation, to show presentations, photos and documents. This extension lets you share your screen with other participants in a video chat, so you can hold efficient online. Mit dem Windows 10 Screen Recorder könnt ihr den Bildschirminhalt von Anwendungen zusammen mit dem System-Ton jederzeit als Video auf der Festplatte speichern. Wir zeigen euch, wie ihr mit.

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Sharing photos, streaming videos, and wirelessly playing mobile games on bigger screens has become easier and hassle-free. If you want to mirror your mobile phone to PC, I highly recommend ApowerMirror because it offers high-quality display resolution and is good for both educational and business purposes. This tool is definitely the best screen mirroring program for windows 10 Part 1: 4 Free Online Screen Sharing Software ; Part 2: 6 Free Desktop Screen Sharing Software [Windows/Mac] Part 1: The Best Free Online Screen Sharing Software Finding a web-based screen sharing application is relatively easy as there are so many different options available. However, you should only use these services if the nature of the. Android Screen Mirroring: So nutzen Sie das Feature In Zeiten vernetzter Geräte ist das Teilen von Bildschirminhalten von Android eine sehr beliebte Funktion. Lesen Sie, wie Sie das Feature, das sich mittlerweile Smart View nennt, nutzen können und für welche Anwendungen es sich eignet

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Share your entire screen or a single window with just one click. It's easy to pass presenters the tool to view their screen, too. No downloads required. With FreeConference.com, your free account comes with free screen sharing software, plus document sharing, crisp and clear audio and video, and more. Experience better participation. Phone Screen Sharing is a freeware software app filed under remote desktop software and made available by RSupport for Windows. The review for Phone Screen Sharing has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below.. If you would like to submit a review of this software download, we welcome your input and encourage you to.

ShareX - Screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool

Smart View kann, je nach Gerätehersteller oder Version, auch als Screen Mirroring oder Miracast bezeichnet sein. Video Alternative Text. Verwendung von Smart View Zum Zuklappen klicken. In den folgenden Schritten zeigen wir dir, am Beispiel der Geräte Galaxy Note9 und QLED Q7FN (2018), wie du die Smart View-Funktion aktivierst. Schalte zuerst deinen Smart TV ein. Ziehe auf deinem Galaxy. Zoom Screen Sharing. Note: As our world comes together to slow the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the Zoom Support Center has continued to operate 24x7 globally to support you.Please see the updated Support Guidelines during these unprecedented times Screen Mirroring/Sharing: Screencasting/Media streaming: Desktop Sharing: What it does: Copies a device's screen, so that the same thing is visible on another screen(s) Allows you to play content from one device onto the other: Copies a primary screen, allowing the remote viewer(s) to see everything that the first user sees, including what the sharer is doing : Screen view: Two screens. Snipping Tool allows a user to write on the screen capture, save it and share further. Captured images can be stored in PNG, GIF, and JPEG format. After capturing the screen, it automatically gets copied and it can be further pastes as required

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This takes a basic screenshot of whatever you were looking at, takes you to an annotation screen, and allows you to point and draw on it with your pen tool. There's another, easier way to connect your iPad, especially when the wireless connection isn't working so well: Just plug in the USB cable, click Share, and watch it pull the iPad screen and show whatever's on display Screen share web pages, documents and more in your BlueJeans meeting! Follow the instructions below to learn about online screen sharing, or, watch our short training video. To share your screen from the BlueJeans App: Click Share Screen in the right hand menu, then choose to share your Desktop (you could also share an uploaded video) Connect is screen-sharing software , watch its screen in real the remote PC, and VNC Zoom Meetings. Download. 3.6 on 615 votes . Zoom Meetings is a video conferencing tool with recording and screen sharing features.... recording and screen sharing features join - Remote screen control. ApowerMirror . Download. 4 on 38 votes . One app - two systems supported ApowerMirror is a. Screen Share with smart tv is a screen sharing app with which you can share your mobile phone screen with smart TV and it works only when your TV

How to Use Whiteboard in Microsoft TeamsOver 20,000 historical maps are now free to download fromCreate Free Professional Flowcharts, Sitemaps, And

Looking for best Screenshot Software to take a screenshot? Check out the top 10 best screenshot software for Windows & Mac. Sometimes the conventional screenshot taking is too plain to use. When you are writing a blog post or have an official document, you need your screenshots to be just perfect Share screenshots via Internet Upload your screenshot to the server and get its short link right away. Powerful editors You can edit screenshots instantly when taking them or later using a powerful online editor Share Zoom screen with a practical tool - ApowerMirror; How to fix Zoom screen sharing not working. Sharing your screen in a Zoom meeting requires you to check some settings first to avoid connection issues and other problems such as echoes during calls, issues receiving emails, or a screen sharing problem. You definitely need a stable internet connection to avoid these problems, especially. Unfortunately, many screen sharing apps available for Windows suffer from both these annoyances, on top of being fairly expensive. ScreenTask is an open-source screen sharing application that simplifies this task for users who just want to share their screens with others on their local network. As the sharing is done over local WiFi or LAN, it eliminates the need for cumbersome signups. Once. Shake your phone, and within 5 seconds, tap the NFC detection area to the Huawei Share icon until the phone rings or vibrates. Once your laptop screen is projected, your phone will start to record the current screen. Touch to stop recording and the recorded content will be saved to Gallery automatically. Maximum single recording time is 60 seconds

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